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A Brief History of Inflation in China

Author: Zheng Qidong

ISBN: 9781844641468

Ebook ISBN: 9781844641475

Hardback - 260 pages

Apr 30, 2013


£65.00 $98.00 €78.00



When looking back at the Chinese economy over the last 100 years or so, we can see that, although always fluctuating, there are definite trends in inflation that emerge along with social changes, shifts in the economic system, and major changes in economic policy. This key book identifies the causes of inflation throughout China's recent economic history, explores the reasons behind inflationary changes, and studies the effective counter-measures used by China's economic rulers. This major new work, which is being made available outside of China for the very first time, will appeal to people studying China’s business economics and finance. China’s economic transformation in the past 30 years has been so swift and dramatic that fully comprehending China’s constantly changing economy can be difficult. By offering a broad and historical view of the subject this books helps to give an insight into the historical roots of modern China and how they influence contemporary policy makers. Published in association with Social Sciences Academic Press (China). This book is part of the Economic History in China series which offers valuable and concise analyses on the economic history of China.


About the Authors:

Social History Research Department of the Institute of Modern History, CASS

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