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China Environment and Development Review: The Rural Eco-Environment of China

Author: Zhang Xiao

ISBN: 978-1-84464-456-8

E-ISBN: 978-1-84464-457-5

Hardback - 358 pages

Nov 30, 2015


£80 €100 $130



This book focuses on rural eco-environment in China. It discusses issues concerned not only backgrounds but also some specific fields including water security issues, soil pollution, grassland ecological environment, nitrogen fertilizer excessive application and livestock produce safety issues.China's dual economy is characterized by urban and rural economy, the mostly manifestation is the coexistence of urban economy and the county economy, and income gap between urban and rural residents. Farmers not only suffered the damage of the water and soil pollutions which brought on morbidity, poverty, even death, but also mostly don’t have channels of expression and the right to speak, which may lead to social security incident. And also, rural pollution issues can cause agricultural decline in quality and even unsafe food for society. Therefore, the problems of rural pollution are our nation's most pressing environmental security.There is a lack of books in English on China’s rural environment issues both background and specific fields including water, soil pollution, grassland ecological environment, nitrogen fertilizer excessive application and livestock produce safety issues.More quantitative analysis methods are employed and more investigation data are used in this book.



General Discussion “Three Rural Issues” and the safety of China's water environment

Backgrounds Dual economic background of China's ecological and environmental issues

Territory plan, regional development and rural ecological environment

Production mode of agriculture and its impact upon environment -- case study of U.S.

Analysis and Specific Discussions The soil pollution situation is grim in China, urgent need to accelerate the pace of prevention

Real or fictional over grazing: Discussion of a major problem that affect grassland ecological environment

The impact of farmers' consumption on carbon emissions -- comparative analysis based on urban residents differences

How does the tendency of agricultural science and technology’s future affect the ecological environment in rural areas -- Speaking of the United Nations International Agricultural Knowledge and Technology for development assessment

The negative externalities of nitrogen fertilizer excessive application and reduction pathways

Origins of the livestock produce safety issues -- An Investigative Survey and Proposed solution Based upon site survey covering 3 townships and 6 villages in Shandong Province

The needs and strategy of Chinese small town rural sewage distributed processing facilities

The systematical construction of rural ecological environment in China -- A case study of "Wushan Model"


About the Author:

Dr. Xiao ZHANG, Director of Center for Environment & Development, Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Professor at Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Keio University, Japan. Her research has focused on Environmental Economics, Economic Analysis on Sustainable Development and Consumption, Water Resource Economic, Environmental Regulation.

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