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Economic Performance in China: Overall Competitiveness of China's Provincial Economy (2012)

Author: Li Jiangping, Li Mi

ISBN: 9781844641581

EBook ISBN: 9781844641598

Hardback - 382 pages

June 2012


£80 €100 $125​

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Winner of the prestigious ‘Biggest Impact Awards’ from China’s Excellent Book Series Award. Annual Report on Overall Competitiveness of China’s Provincial Economy (2012) offers the very latest research results and analysis on China’s vital provincial economies. This includes the 31 economies on the mainland, plus the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region, and information on Taiwan’s economic competitiveness. Regionalised economic development policies have played an essential role in China’s overall economic success. This book examines the current competitiveness of each region using these key indicators: Macroeconomic; Industrial Economy; Sustainable Development; Finance & Banking; Development Environment; Government Function; Development Level; Comprehensive Coordination; Overall Economic Competitiveness alongside suggested strategies for improvement and future policy developments. Part of a brand-new series for 2012 from Paths International, the China Competitive Performance and Analysis Series, made available in partnership with Social Science Academic Press (China).

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