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Education, Media and Sexuality Health Services for Girls and Women: 20 Years Experience of China’s P

Author: Chi Jin, Bu Wei, Liu Wenli

ISBN: 978-1-84464-408-7

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-409-4

Paperback-190 pages

Sep 30, 2014


£35 €43 $59



China has made great improvement in the past two decades in girls’ and women’s education and development, however the experience in the field have not been adequately and systemically summarized. In continuing our efforts to promote gender equality, and support those most marginalized rural women and girls to play a vital role in educational change and sustainable society, we believe that sharing China’s experiences is a strategic means of promoting rural girls’ and women’s education and development on a global scale, especially within developing countries. This innovative book series highlights China’s experience in developing strategies, policies and programs in support of women’s and girls’ education and development as well as women’s empowerment. The book series is structured around various important themes related to gender mainstreaming and equality, such as legal protection, economic empowerment, community participation, organizational development, girls' education, school leadership, sexual and reproductive health education, and media and communication. Through this series, we hope that these approaches can be shared, compared and contrasted in order to further advance women’s and girls’ empowerment and to establish sustainable approaches towards achieving gender equality. This book presents three papers, on girl’s education, on gender and media, and on sexuality and reproductive education and services for young people. These chapters address the questions of the changing status of women, and changing attitudes around gender, in relation to these three sectors. They explore the changing context, the progress made, and the new challenges arising. They provide inspiring case studies from government, civil society, and international organizations on how to empower women and construct more progressive gender norms. This book is published in association with UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education



Introduction Susie Jolly Access, Quality and Empowerment of Girls through Education: Innovations and Experiences in China Jin Chi, Lili Zhang Gender, Media, and Communication Activism in China Wei Bu Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Service for Young People in China Wenli Liu, Yufen Su Review Gender Equality and Empowerment in China: Discourses and Experiences in a Comparative Perspective Marina Svensson

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