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From Start-up to Success: The Xiecheng Management Story

Author: Xiecheng Management Team

ISBN: 9781844641079

Ebook-ISBN: 978-1-84464-123-9

Paperback - 220 pages

Jul 31, 2016


£65.00 $98.00 €78.00

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This casebook tells the story of Xiecheng, a hugely successful hotel chain in China, with a clear focus on the forming and creation of its powerful and successful management team. Who they are, and the part they played in Xiecheng’s impressive growth and performance. The reader will benefit from a clear insight into how a company expands and ideas to help overcome challenges and pitfalls along the way. This book is an intimate portrayal of how the idea for a business is conceived one evening over a meal and then goes on to become a success story in modern China. The management philosophies and strategies are revealed in a very reader friendly way. Many foreign businesses want to develop and succeed in China. A useful way of doing this is to observe the lessons of how Chinese enterprises succeed in China. Part of the practical Cases in Modern Chinese Business Series which offer revealing insights and analysis on how business is done in China. They offer case studies on how companies in China get started and how they succeed and fail. Clear and practical, each book explores how Chinese companies are expanding and thriving in the international market. All titles were written in China and give the real flavour of the Chinese business arena and some of the key players. To understand the economic and financial success of modern China it helps to get to know the business environment and some of the leading protagonists. These revealing new books show you how.



ChapterⅠA Reverie Team ChapterⅡ Enterprising and Financing ChapterⅢTransformation and Purchase ChapterⅣ Growth by leaps and bounds ChapterⅤ Listing andMonetizing Bibliography

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