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The Theory of China Model and the Rise of China

Editor: Zhao Jianying

ISBN: 978-1-84464-271-7

E-ISBN: 9781844643714

Hardback-200 pages

July 31, 2016


£95 €118 $152



Since the process of opening-up began China has followed a unique path that’s combined progressive economic policies with staying true to its socialist principles. Modern history demonstrates that achieving economic growth within the parameters of a one-party socialist state is rarely attainable, yet China has been able to achieve this on a vast scale. This major new two-volume work, publishedin partnership with China Social Sciences Press, draws on the expertise of China’s leading scholars to show you the reasons behind this success. Editor Zhao Jianying, the president of China’s prestigious China Social Science Press, has gathered together material from China’s leading thinkers and academics on exactly how China has been able to forge this truly unique model. These include political leaders, government advisers and famous scholars. In addition Zhao Jianying has hand-picked excerpts from key speeches made by China’s leaders both current and former to help set the scene. Readers will learn how social reforms have overlapped with economic reforms alongside an awareness of the philosophical elements of contemporary Chinese culture to help create the China we see today. The contributors supply authoritative aimed at academics and students involved in sociology and social science subjects as well as people researching or studying Asian/Chinese studies, plus economists and social science professionals who want to understand China’s economic and social characteristics. This book is a unique collection of essays on the discussion of China Path, China Mode and China’s experience from the very people who have played a central role in achieving and analysing the rise of modern China. The writers all are famous Chinese policy makers and scholars. Combined the two volumes, include bibliography, general comments, concepts, character analysis, politics, economics, cultural impact, comparative analysis and interviews. It is a comprehensive resource concerning the interpretation and explanation for examining the China Path, China Mode and China’s modern experience. It is a helpful reference book for overseas scholars as well as the domestic scholars. They include key articles written by Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao.



"Table of contents: Several questions about the study of China model (Preface) 1. Literature ·Ten Major Relationships by Mao Zedong ·The Opening Speech of the Twelfth National Party Congress of CCP (excerpt) by Deng Xiaoping ·To Build A Well-off Society and Creat A Situation In Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (excerpt) by Jiang Zemin ·Uphold the Great Banner of Socialism of Chinese Characteristics And Strive For New Victories in Building A Moderately Prosperous Society in All respects (excerpt) by Hu Jintao ·The memorial speech of the 30 years anniversary of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee (excerpt) by Hu Jintao 2. Pandect ·Correct understanding of new China in past 60 years By Chen Kuiyuan ·Hardships of exploration and successes of creation in building socialism with Chinese characteristics By Wang Weiguang ·Two thirty-year of new China and the socialism with Chinese characteristics By Zhu Jiamu ·Socialism with Chinese characteristics and contemporary development path of China By Li Jie ·How does China success By Cheng Zhongyuan ·China’s development path and its inspiration By Xia Chuntao ·Keep the direction and explore the path: 60 years of practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics By Wang Shaoguang ·China path: thirty years and sixty years By Gan Yang ·Social formation and double vision of “China Path” through modernization By Wu Bo ·Understanding China----social sciences through an practical angle By Huang Zongzhi 3. Concepts ·Analysis of the concept of “China Model” By Qin Yi ·China Path, China Model and Chinese Experience By Wang Qingwu ·”Beijing Consensus” or “ Chinese Experience” By Huang Ping ·China Model: a link between past and future By Lin Chun ·Questions about the understanding of “China Model” By Xu Chongwen ·Analysis of the value of “Beijing Consensus” and “China Path” By Zuo Xianmin 4. Connotation ·”China Model” in the pattern of global development By Zheng Yongnian ·”Chinese Experience”: through the view of sociology By Zheng Hangsheng ·“China Model” Review By Zhu Muzhi ·Several view points about “China Model” By Li Junru ·Reflections on “ China Model” By Yu Keping ·Think about the China Model By Zhang Weike ·In search of the “ China Model” By Cai Tuo ·Success and future of “China Model” By Song Linfei ·Understanding “China Model” through a system perspective By Tian Chunsheng 5. Politics ·The advantages of keeping and practicing the socialistic democracy of China By Li Lin ·The political model of development of China By Fang Ning ·Democratic Politics: political model of China By Pan Wei ·Experience and challenges from Chinese democratic political construction By Chen Hongtai ·The development of socialistic political construction with Chinese characteristics By Hu Wei ·Social mobilization, independent participation and political integration----study of 60 years’ development of China’s grass-root democracy By Xu Yong ·Contributions made by Chinese political model to the world political civilization By Weng Jieming ·Discussion on China path and institutional arrangement of the development model By Liu Guoxin ·Practical exploration and thought about intra-Party democracy since the Sixteenth Party Congress By Cai Xia ·Administrative reform in China: process, strategy and breakthrough By Wang Yukai 6. Economy ·Retrospects and prospects of China’s economic reform By Wei Liqun ·Exploration and creation about operation mechanism of Chinese socialistic economy with Chinese characteristics By Liu Guoguang ·The formation and consolidation of Chinese Socialist Basic Economic System in past 60 years of New China By Wei Xinghua ·Let the past lighten the future: the study of the direction of market economy in the reform of China By Wu Jinglian ·The theory of transformation and development of Chinese economic mode By Chang Xiuze ·Three major issues of economic development mode in new China By Wu Li ·The meaning and connotation of China model: an economic perspective By Zhang Yu ·China’s growth, a big country’s development path----pros and cons of the reform of power division By Wang Yongqin etc. ·Market freedom, government intervention and “China Model” By Chen Xian ·Gradual reform and institution evolution----a perspective to understand the reform of China By Sun Daiyao ·Recent studies from foreign scholars on Chinese economic development mode By Zhou Yanhui 7. Culture ·Build the philosophy theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics By Li JIngyuan ·60 years of new China and culture problems By Wei Jianlin ·China’s peaceful development and revival of Chinese civilization By Zheng Bijian ·The view of cultural development of China under socialism with Chinese characteristics By Zhao Jianying ·Discussion about the experience of the construction of dominating ideology in new China By Hou Huiqin ·Theoretical retrospects and reflection of ideology in the past 60 years of new China By Yang Shengping ·Scientific outlook on development and new cultural concept ·Ideological reasons of economical miracles of China By Guo Zhongyi ·Within cultural soft power: Chinese talk, circumstances and path By Shen Zhuanghai 8. Comparison · Under the comparison view of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics By Wu Yuanliang ·The world meaning of “China Path” under the background of globalization By Zhou Hong ·International perspective of “China Model”----and the international influence of Socialism with Chinese characteristics By Qin Xuan ·Global perspective of “China Model”----methodological study of Modern Chinese political By Zhang Zhiwei ·Power transformation within the globe and districts: and the Rise of China By Shen Dingli ·Comparison between China model and some major development models in the world By Zhao Hong ·Post-Washington Consensus and China Model By Qin Fengming ·New developmentalism and the classic developmentalism. comparison between China Model and Japan Model By Gao Bo ·Comparison between China Model and India Model By Yin Qian 9. Interviews ·The research of theory for “China Model”----Exclusive interview with professor Yi Junqin By Ai Xin ·The mission of “ China Model” ---- Exclusive interview with professor Wang Jisi By Fan Yongpeng and Chu Guofei ·30 years of the Opening-up----the unique creation of “China Model”----interview with professor Wang Dong ·I would rather the reform be slower---- the talk with Gan Yang ·Harvard’s Chinese expert talks about the study of China and “China Model”---- Exclusive interview with professor Fu Gaoyi ·The key to the rise of China is to strengthen the national construction---- Exclusive interview with professor Yan Xuetong ·Social reform is more important than political reform---- Exclusive interview with professor Zheng Yongnian"


About the Author:

Modern history demonstrates that achieving economic growth within the parameters of a one-party socialist state is rarely attainable, yet China has been able to achieve this on a vast scale. This major new two-volume work draws on the expertise of China’s leading scholars to show you the reasons behind this success.

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