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A Chinese Firm Goes Global: The Gree Story

Authors: Chen Zonglin, Zhou Xibing




Dec, 2014


£65 €78 $98



This casebook examines the success of Gree Electric Appliances, taking a close look at Gree’s marketing, branding, management strategies and services, together with information on how they compete with overseas companies, and how they deal with intermediaries. The specialist coverage also highlights the problems experienced at Gree, the challenges successfully conquered, and its possible future paths. This book analyses the KSF’s (Key Successful Factors) of Gree Electric Appliances which is a national champion of the air conditioning industry in China. Its KSF’s include marketing strategy, branding, sales Channel management, quality management and overseas expansion strategy. The book illustrates Gree’s success in China with lots of Chinese Characteristics. It illustrates the growth of a Chinese company in the context of the Chinese market. Part of the practical new Cases in Modern chinese Business Series which offer revealing insights and analysis on how business is done in China. They offer case studies on how companies in China get started and how they succeed and fail. Clear and practical, each book explores how Chinese companies are expanding and thriving in the international market. All titles were written in China and give the real flavour of the Chinese business arena and some of the key players. To understand the economic and financial success of modern China it helps to get to know the business environment and some of the leading protagonists. These revealing new books show how.



Preface Foreword Chapter 1: Marketing Strategy Makes Gree a Winner 1. The Supremacy of Marketing Channels 2. The Direct Sales Model 3. Keeping Creating Customers Chapter 2: Top Priority for Brand Building 1. The Made-in-China Brand Becoming World Famous 2. Core Technology to Build the World Famous Brand 3. Promote the Industrial Spirit, Power the Self-owned Brands Chapter 3: No Limits in Management 1. Zero- Defect Quality Management 2. Based on Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights 3. Characterization of ERP: the Turning Point of Strategic Transformation 4. Specialization Forging Gree’s Competitive Strength Chapter 4: Customer-oriented Services 1. Pre-Sale Services and In-Progress Services Are More Important 2. Set the Highest Global Service Standard 3. Beyond After-Sale Services Chapter 5: Overseas Market Expansion 1. Embarking on Globalization 2. Occupy the International Markets First, Build Factories Second 3. The Localization Strategy of Globalization Chapter 6: Confronting Channel Intermediaries 1. Breaking with GOME and Fight for the Final Say 2. No Regrets in Breaking With GOME 3. There is No Eternal Enemy In Business World Chapter 7: Facing Three Major Difficulties 1. Breaking through the Markets of First Tier Cities 2. Cutting the Big Distributors and Forging the Terminal Brand 3. Facing the Internal Control Dilemma Chapter 8: Future of Gree 1. Gree’s Sprinting for World Number One 2. Forging the Number-one National Industry Brand 3. There Is a Long Way Ahead Afterword Bibliography

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