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Balance: The Art of Chinese Business

Author: Zeng Mingbin

ISBN: 978-1-84464-290-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-400-1

Hardback - 200 pages

Mar 31, 2016


£65 €78 $98



China has its own history and success in business with a system of management which is very different to Western models. China’s business methods are receiving more global attention as the Chinese economy rises and proves resilient to many international financial problems. However Chinese business and management are not widely understood outside China. The author of this book addresses this issue by discussing Western and Chinese management practices and exploring how successful management practices can be learned from both models. An understanding and appreciation of both Western and Chinese management is likely to be essential for the corporate leaders of tomorrow. The author argues that good management education should not only pay attention to the preaching of theories and techniques, but also value the teaching of wisdom and art, and thus get a good balance between the two. In other words, it means keeping a dynamic balance so as to ensure the compatibility of Yin and Yang and the coexistence of two extremes, reaching the final goal of all living creatures growing together without doing harm to one another, roads running parallel without interfering with each other. This is the so-called multi-existence, mutual generation and restriction, harmonious relationship and continuous reproduction path. An excellent corporate leader must be equipped with profound knowledge of how to make an organic bond between the western management teachings and Chinese traditional culture and help local Chinese management models take shape. Academically speaking, the combination of Dao (ideology, culture, wisdom, art, etc) and Shu (regulation, system, process, model, tool, etc) shows us a way of good corporate governance. Only when leaders effectively find a balance between Dao and Shu can they walk along the road from excellence to brilliance. The author Zeng Mingbin, is from China and has many years working experience in both Chinese and foreign enterprises in corporate management, consulting and training.

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