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Capital War: How Foreign Companies Fight Their War in China

Author: Wang Kangmao




September 2014


£65 €78 $98



This is a fascinating study of twelve major capital wars in China led by overseas companies. These companies are Caterpillar, Mittal, Alcatel, Danone, SEB, BMW, UBS, L'Oreal, Toyota, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola. Each of the twelve chapters examines one company, with expert coverage provided by leading Chinese Business and Finance Professor Wang Kangmao. Part of a brand-new book series published by Paths International in partnership with Guangdong Economy Publishing House (China) titled Cases in Modern Chinese Business. EXTRACT FROM CAPITAL WAR: “At present, the worldwide concern about environmental problems leads to serious thinking about the social responsibilities of transnational companies in the international community. From Nike’s indirectly employing child labor globally to McDonald’s making junk food over the whole world, from the bribery scandal of Lucent to Microsoft’s global monopoly, transnational companies are not only changing the political and economic ecology of the contemporary and the futuristic world, but are also bringing disastrous consequences to developing countries, for example, they transfer local national wealth, causing local unemployment, quality and environmental problems, tax evasion and cultural aggression, etc, and such negative effects also could be witnessed in China. Nowadays, there are 60,000 transnational companies with 500,000 subsidiaries worldwide, which in total control 50% of the world economic aggregate, 60% of the world trade volume, and 80% of the amount of foreign direct investment (FDI). The total sales of transnational companies reach 11 trillion US dollars, which is twice that of the total export volume”.



ChapterⅠ Caterpillar: Devil orAngel ChapterⅡ Mittal:Warning of CapitalWar ChapterⅢAlcatel’s Battle in China ChapterⅣ Danone:An Invader with Capital ChapterⅤ French SEB: Enjoying a Feast of Capital ChapterⅥ BMW: Fight for Control Power ChapterⅦ UBS: CapitalWar in China Chapter Ⅷ L’Oreal: The Battle of Brand Acquisition in China Chapter IX Toyota: Cunning Strategy in China Chapter X German Bayer:MonopolyAmbition under Varnish Chapter XI Johnson & Johnson: Capital Plunder in China Chapter XII Coca-Cola: Different Fate due to Different Overall Arrangement between China and India REFERENCES

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