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Electrical Appliance Retailing in China: The GOME Story

Author: Li Min ISBN978-1-84464-103-1



Sept. 31st , 2014

English £65 €78 $98



This casebook takes a close look into GOME, China’s leading electrical appliance supplier, famous for its stunning market shares and performance. The Electrical Appliance Retailing in China: The GOME Story captures the significant changes forced upon GOME after their president was imprisoned. The book is divided into five parts, which are organised according to the time order of events, providing in-depth analysis on the structure of GOME, its key managers, and the significant changes they implemented. Part of the practical new Cases in Modern Chinese Business series which offer revealing insights and analysis on how business is done in China. They offer case studies on how companies in China get started and how they succeed and fail. Clear and practical, each book explores how Chinese companies are expanding and thriving in the international market. All titles were written in China and give the real flavour of the Chinese business arena and some of the key players. To understand the economic and financial success of modern China it helps to get to know the business environment and some of the leading protagonists. These revealing new books show you how.

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