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Research on the Laws of Contemporary China Volume 2: 1978-1992

Editor in Chief: Chen Su

Translators: He Jingjing, Shang Cong

ISBN: 978-1-84464-500-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-501-5

Hardback-240 Pages

March 2018


£65 €78 $98



Just like the history of the PRC, the study of jurisprudence over the past 60 years since 1949 has been prosperous through hard times, developing steadily and making brilliant achievements with each passing day. The book describes in general terms China’s jurisprudence research over the past 60 years, showing the status and evolution process of the new China’s jurisprudence in various development stages, analyzing the background and reason for the formation and evolution of important theories in the course of studying jurisprudence, and manifesting theoretical achievements in development and prosperity of jurisprudence and their practical value. It is expected that the book help readers have a clear impression on the development path of China’s jurisprudence, to learn the experience of researchers who have devoted their hard efforts and wisdoms to the development process of China’s jurisprudence, and to experience the impulse of the “rule of law” era along with the destiny of the PRC.


Introduction Chapter 4 Formation and Development of Basic Theory of Jurisprudence 1. Argument and establishment of the subject matter of legal studies 2. The legal definition of basic concepts and categories 3. Rising up of theory on human rights and civil right 4. Formation and development of basic theory on comparative jurisprudence 5. Renaissance of China’s legal research Chapter 5 Constitutional Jurisprudence Research Arising out of The Reconstruction of Socialist Democracy 1. Recovery and Development of the Constitutional Jurisprudence Education and Research Career 2. Inquiry of Constitutional Jurisprudence on What the "Constitution" Is 3. Theoretical Basis for Rebuilding the People's Congress System 4. Form of State Structure and Interpretation of "One Country, Two Systems" from the Perspective of Constitutional Jurisprudence 5. Formation of the Theory Concerning to the Concept of "Unconstitutionality" Chapter 6 Criminal Law Research During Initiative Period of Time of Legal Memory 1. Enactment of 1979 Criminal Law and Resurgence of Criminal Law Research 2. Upgrading of Criminal Law Knowledge and Emergence of Annotation Science of Criminal Law 3. Overall Development of Research on Principles of Criminal Law 4. Research on Hot Issues Reflecting Social Changes in Criminal Law Chapter 7 Civil Jurisprudence Developed in The Era of Reform and Opening Up 1. A Heated Debate between Civil Law and Economic Law 2. Basic Formation of Civil Jurisprudence System 3. Research on Marriage Law and Marriage and Family Jurisprudence in the Age of Reform 4. From the Intellectual Property Jurisprudence Attached to Civil Law to the Intellectual Property Jurisprudence with Self-reliance Chapter 8 Generation and Evolution of Chinese Economic Jurisprudence 1. From Booming to Initial Development 2. Debate on Determining the Nature of Economic Law as Area of Law 3. Interaction between Reform of Economic System and Research on Economic Jurisprudence 4. Economic Jurisprudence in the Background of Opening-up Chapter 9 Environmental Jurisprudence Rising in Reform and Opening up 1. Promulgation of Environmental Protection Law and the Rise of Environmental Jurisprudence 2. Research on Major Theoretical Issues Occurring in the Rise of Environmental Jurisprudence Chapter 10 Administrative Jurisprudence Derived from Strengthening Administrative Management 1. The Development Course of Administrative Jurisprudence Suffering Ups and Downs 2. The Preliminary Construction of the Administrative Law Theory System 3. Theoretical Development of Administrative Jurisprudence Chapter 11 Research on Procedure Jurisprudence Pursuing Procedural Justice 1. Procedure Jurisprudence Newly Established and Realizing the Commencement of Rule by Law from Procedure 2. 1979 Criminal Procedure Law and Research on Criminal Procedure Jurisprudence 3. 1982 Civil Procedure Law (for Trial Implementation) and Research on Civil Procedure Jurisprudence 4. 1989 Administrative Procedure Law and Research on Administrative Procedure Jurisprudence


About Editor in Chief:

CHEN Su, a research fellow with the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and a doctoral supervisor, graduated from Liaoning University in 1985 as a bachelor of law; from the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1988 as a degree of master of law. At present he has held the office of the Co-Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of, and the Research Center of, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and executive director of China Law Society and Vice Chairman of the Commercial Jurisprudence Research Society. He has mainly specialized in civil and commercial law, with works and writings, such as Special Research on Securities Law (edited by him), Exploration on Subtle Logic of Spirit of Law, New Development of Society Law (edited by him); and with dozens of papers published in professional academic journals such as Chinese Journal of Law and China Legal Sciences.

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