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Research on the Laws of Contemporary China volume 3: 1992-2009

Editor in Chief: Chen Su

Translators: He Jingjing, Shang Cong

ISBN: 978-1-84464-502-2

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-503-9

Hardback-240 Pages

March 2018


£65 €78 $98



Just like the history of the PRC, the study of jurisprudence over the past 60 years since 1949 has been prosperous through hard times, developing steadily and making brilliant achievements with each passing day. The book describes in general terms China’s jurisprudence research over the past 60 years, showing the status and evolution process of the new China’s jurisprudence in various development stages, analyzing the background and reason for the formation and evolution of important theories in the course of studying jurisprudence, and manifesting theoretical achievements in development and prosperity of jurisprudence and their practical value. It is expected that the book help readers have a clear impression on the development path of China’s jurisprudence, to learn the experience of researchers who have devoted their hard efforts and wisdoms to the development process of China’s jurisprudence, and to experience the impulse of the “rule of law” era along with the destiny of the PRC.

Content: Volume 3: 1992-2009 Introduction Chapter 12 Philosophical Jurisprudence Research In View Of Reality 1. Three Theoretical Resources of Chinese Philosophical Jurisprudence 2. New Construction and Exploration of Juristic Theory 3. The Development of Cultural Subjectivity of Philosophical Jurisprudence 4. The Theoretical Exploration on Legal Transplant and Trend of Globalization of Law 5. A Study of the History of Chinese Legal System in the Process of Modernization Chapter 13 New Development of Rule of Law and Constitutional Jurisprudence 1. "Awakening of Methodology" of Constitutional Jurisprudence 2. Reconstruction of the Theoretical System of Constitutional Jurisprudence 3. Significant Development of the Theory of Constitutional Supervision 4. Re-exploitation of New Fields of Constitutional Jurisprudence 5. New Development of Theory of Constitutional Rights 6. Construction of Theory of “Constitutionalism” Chapter 14 Modernization of China′s Criminal Jurisprudence 1. Criminal Jurisprudence Research Emerging from the Amendment to the Criminal Law 2. New Advances in Criminal Law Theories 3. The Rise of Criminal Policy Science 4. International Criminal Jurisprudence in China Chapter 15 Development of Times and Prosperity of the Science of Civil Law 1. The Science of Civil Law with Prosperous Development 2. Development of Research on General Principles of Civil law 3. The Burst of Progress in the Research of Property Rights of Civil Law 4. New Progress on Civil Law Debt Rights Study 5. Research on Law Science of Marriage and Family After Return to Civil Law Chapter 16 Prosperity of Commercial Jurisprudence under the Market Economic System 1. Formation and Development of the Basic Theories of Commercial Law 2. Study on Company Law to Meet the Needs of Market Economy Development 3. Securities Law Research on Stable Development of Capital Market 4. Research on Enterprise Bankruptcy Law Closely Related to Enterprise Restructuring Chapter 17 Chinese Intellectual Property Jurisprudence in Era of Knowledge Innovation 1. Development Overview of Intellectual Property Jurisprudence 2. Main Opinions and Discussions Emerged in the Process of Development of Intellectual Property Jurisprudence 3. Prospect of Development Trend of Intellectual Property Jurisprudence Chapter 18 Reform of Economic Law Advancing with the Times 1. From Gradual Maturity to Reasonable Prosperity 2. Discussion and Debate on Basic Theory of Economic Law 3. Study on Market Competition and Its Legal Protection Mechanism 4. Study on Macro-Control Law in Economic Globalization Chapter 19 The Thriving Environmental Law in the Development of Science 1. The Rapid Transformation of Environmental Law in the Transitional Period of Market Economy 2. The Ongoing Thriving Environmental Law under the Guidance of Scientific Development Outlook Chapter 20 Administrative Law in the Process of Governance in Accordance with Law 1. Fundamental Construction of General Theory of Administrative Law 2. Overall Update of Theory of Subject of Administrative Law 3. Systematic Construction of Theory of Administrative Act 4. Booming Development of Study on Administrative Procedure 5. Administrative Legal Responsibility and Ongoing Administrative Remedy Research 6. Multidimensional Unfolding of Study of Other Aspects of Administrative Law Chapter 21 Social Law Emerging from the Harmonious Society Construction 1. Emergence of Chinese Social Law 2. Theoretical Basis of Social Law Developed in Discrimination 3. Study on Science of Labor Law with Humanistic Concern 4. Study on the Science of Social Security Law Caring for Disadvantaged Groups 5. Continuously Developed Study on Other Aspects of Social Law Chapter 22 Procedure Law Jurisprudence Developing Along the Path of Procedural Justice 1. Procedure Law Jurisprudence Developing in Foresight and Reflection 2. Research On The Basic Theoretical Issues Of The Jurisprudence Of Criminal Procedure Laws 3. Study On Basic Theoretical Issues About The Science Of Civil Procedure Law 4. Science Of Administrative Proceeding Law With The Expansion Of Theoretical View 5. Study Focusing On Judicial Reform Postscript


About Editor in Chief:

CHEN Su, a research fellow with the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and a doctoral supervisor, graduated from Liaoning University in 1985 as a bachelor of law; from the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1988 as a degree of master of law. At present he has held the office of the Co-Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of, and the Research Center of, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and executive director of China Law Society and Vice Chairman of the Commercial Jurisprudence Research Society. He has mainly specialized in civil and commercial law, with works and writings, such as Special Research on Securities Law (edited by him), Exploration on Subtle Logic of Spirit of Law, New Development of Society Law (edited by him); and with dozens of papers published in professional academic journals such as Chinese Journal of Law and China Legal Sciences.

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