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China and Central and Eastern European Cooperation: The Belt and Road Initiative

Editor in Chief: Huang Ping

ISBN: 978-1-84464-510-7

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-511-4

Hardback-182 Pages

November 2017


£65 €78 $98



China’s The Belt and Road initiative has attracted worldwide attention. As Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is an important region along the Belt and Road, CEE countries have made growing cooperation with China. Before the formal initiation of the Belt and Road, China has established “16+1” cooperative framework in 2002. In the past few years, under the promotion of this mechanism, bilateral exchange and cooperation in political, economic, cultural and other fields have been greatly deepened, which have achieved remarkable achievements and have effectively promoted the construction of the Belt and Road initiative in Central and Eastern Europe.

Both the construction of the Belt and Road initiative in CEEC and “16+1” cooperative framework are important practice of China’s opening up policy in the 21st century and they have also become the topical issues that pay attention by scholars from think tanks. Think tanks in CEE region have attached more importance to the current situation, prospect and challenges of China-CEEC cooperation under the Belt and Road initiative and “16+1” cooperative framework. They also made in-depth study from the level of countries, CEE region and even the whole Europe in the perspective of politics, economy and culture. As bilateral cooperation is increasingly deepened, we need to understand and analyze further that how CEE scholars consider the Belt and Road initiative and “16+1” cooperation as well as their analysis about current cooperation and challenges. It will be helpful for both sides to get acknowledge of the essential characteristics and latest progress of the Belt and Road initiative and “16+1” cooperation, to achieve the effect of “telling Chinese stories by foreigner’s mouth”. What’s more, it also provides useful ideas for the promotion of the Belt and Road initiative in CEE region and the deepening of “16+1” cooperation.



1.  The Belt and Road: Gently Rebuffing Geo-politics? 2.  China-CEEC Cooperation in the 16+1 Platform and Its Role in the Belt and Road Initiative 3.  The Grand Strategic Nature of China’s Current International Infrastructure-related Projects 4.  The China-Europe Land-sea Express Line: Significance, Opportunities and Challenges Ahead 5.  The Current Situation and Prospect of Policy Coordination of the Belt and Road between China and the EU 6.  Chinese Investments in Serbia-joint Pledge for Future of the “New Silk Road” 7.  Central and Eastern European Countries and Serbian Perspective and Position towards the Belt and Road Initiative 8.  A Romanian View on China’s Image in CEEC: From the Perspectives of 16+1 and OBOR 9.  The Impact of China in Albanian Economic Development 10.  Small and Big Economy Encounter-Montenegro and China Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative 11.  The Possibilities of Further Promotion of Cooperation of China and Slovakia within the “16+1” Cooperation

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