Analysis of the Development of Guangzhou in China



Editors-in-Chief: Qu Shaobing, Wei Minghai
Associate Editors-in-Chief: Zhang Qixue, Luo Jiaowan, Tu

ISBN: 978-1-84464-518-3

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-519-0

Hardback-252 Pages

July 2018


£80 €100 $130





This is a book covers the development of Guangzhou, providing a comprehensive analysis of the regional development from economy, culture and Beijing’s social governance. In 2016, in the face of complicated economic situation, Guangzhou maintained steady economic growth by stabilizing economic growth, promoting reform, adjusting the structure and improving people's livelihood. In 2017, in the face of problems existing in economic operation, Guangzhou will achieve its target of economic growth by opening wider to the outside world, strengthening regional cooperation, vigorously developing the real economy, increasing effective investment, tapping more consumption potentials and accelerating innovation-driven growth.


I Economy
Analysis of the Economic Situation in Guangzhou in 2016 and Prospects for 2017
Practice and Reflection on Review and Oversight of Budgets and Final Accounts by Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress
Study on Measures for Eradicating "Fake Trade Fairs"
II Society
Analysis of the Social Situation in Guangzhou in 2016 and Prospects for 2017 Reasons for Growing Doctor-Patient Conflicts and Countermeasures in Guangdong Province
Research on Guangzhou Residents' Evaluation of Living Environment
III Culture
Analysis of Guangzhou’s Cultural Development in 2016 and Prospects for 2017
The Status of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in 2016 in Guangzhou and Policy Recommendations
Research on Measures to Improve the International Influence of "Guangzhou Award"
IV Urban Development and Management
Analysis of Guangzhou's Urban Development in 2016 and Prospects for 2017 Analysis of Guangzhou's Urban Management in 2016 and Prospects for 2017
Strategies to Make Guangzhou an International Hub City of Networks
Guangzhou Government’s WeChat Public Accounts: Current Operation and Future Development
Recommendations on Promoting the Structural Reform of Taxi Industry in Guangzhou
V Technological Innovation
Analysis of Guangzhou’s Science and Technology Development in 2016 and Prospects for 2017
Current Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce in Guangzhou and Recommendation for the Future
Current Status of the Sharing Economy in Guangzhou and Policy Recommendations for Its Development
Analysis of Development of Makerspaces in Guangzhou in 2016


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