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Analysis of the Development of Beijing in China

Author: Beijing Academy of Social Sciences

ISBN: 978-1-84464-516-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-517-6

Hardback-334 Pages

June 2018


£80 €100 $130



In such a vast and complex country studying regional development is a useful tool for understanding China. This is a book covers the development of Beijing, providing a comprehensive analysis of the regional development from the perspectives of economy, culture, science and technology. It also discusses Beijing’s social governance.



Economic Section 1. Analysis and Forecasts of the Economic Development of Beijing’s Economy 2. Considerations on the Construction of Beijing –National Science and Technology Innovation Center. 3. Current Situation, Main Tasks and Implement Approaches on Beijing’s Reform of the Supply Front Social Development and Governance 4. Analysis and Forecasts of the Social Development of Beijing’s Economy 5. New Progresses, Issues and Suggestions on Beijing’s Social Governance 6. The Two Dimension Structure of the Public Health Service of Beijing Population Migration. 7. The Education of Senior’s in Beijing and Community Education Innovation Development Culture 8. Constructing Beijing to be the Historical and Cultural City 9. Beijing’s Tourism Development under the Global Tourism Development Model 10. Investigation Report on Productive Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Beijing Public Service 11. The Improvement of Beijing’s Public Service from Expansion in Quantity to Quality Upgrade 12. Comprehensive Evaluation on Public Service Performance of Beijing 13. Issues and Policies of Beijing’s Government Service Construction


About Author:

Edited by Beijing Academy of Social Sciences provides the research achievement of think tanks for the better decision of government, and also collects wisdoms of researchers for providing the solutions to economic and cultural issues that related to people’s lives. Beijing Academy of Social Sciences gradually set up disciplines with its own characteristics. Since 1993, Beijing Academy published the first annual report, until now it has relatively long history. The book covers economy, society, culture, public service, social governance, legal development, which of great significant to the regional development.

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