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Understanding the Korean Peninsula

Author: Zhang Yanzhe, Yu Xiao, Zhang Jian, Zou Bowen

ISBN: 978-1-84464-581-7

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-582-4

Hardback-402 Pages

May 2020


£80 €100 $130



The circumstances of Korean peninsula are always mystical to the outside of Korea, especially the westerners. This book outlines the historical review of korean peninsula from its dividing into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea to current. This should attract the interest of a variety of audiences. Although its core readership should be academicians, political elites and students of Korean studies, it is also inspires the interest of academics studying the history of Northeast Asia and Pacific areas. Because of the nature of the topic, this research may be of interest to people who love to explore the issues of conflicts in Korean peninsula. This book seeks to make three main contributions: First, it provides the first account of the historical review in Korean peninsula since the Kingdom of Lee to Kim. Secondly, this book clarifies the unique characteristics of the governments in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea. Especially, it combines the thoughts of local scholars and the thinking outside of Korea. Thirdly, it combines an understanding of localism, with the aspect of developmental state theory and uses them to construct a theory of state transformation with Korean characteristics.





Chapter One: Strategy and Effect of the Economic Development of the DPRK

Chapter Two: Economic Reformation and Transformation

Chapter Three: Economic Cooperation with Foreign Countries

Chapter Four: Conclusion: Problems of Developing the Economy in DPRK


Chapter Five: Economic Policies and Effects of ROK before the Financial Crisis

Chapter Six: Economic Reform and Effects in ROK after the Financial Crisis (1998-present)

Chapter Seven: ROK’s Foreign Economic Intercourse

Chapter Eight: ROK’s Strategy of FTA

Chapter Nine Conclusion: Difficulties Faced with ROK’s National Economy


Chapter Ten: The Future Perspectives---Economic Cooperation of ROK and DPRK



About Authors:

Prof. Yanzhe Zhang is an Associate Professor of Northeast Asia Study College at Jilin University, China. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Australia-New Zealand School of Government, Institute for Governance. Thus, he works as a Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis at University of Canberra (Australia). Yanzhe is also the coordinator of Australia- China Public Administration and Governance Program. Yanzhe is the designer of senior executive training program for Australian National Audit Office and China National Audit Office. He is an expert on public sector governance with a particular emphasis on citizen-centric governance. Yanzhe’s research has centered on: a) evaluating the role, real and potential, of policy transfer in institution-building in developed and developing areas; b) studying the nature and impact of administrative reform in developed and transition states; c) evaluating state policy responses to processes of globalization; and, d) evaluating critical issues in Australian and Chinese governance. The research theme that binds all of these areas together is his interest in public sector institution-building and processes of governance.

Prof. Xiao YU is the Dean of Northeast Asia Study College at Jilin University, China. Xiao is an expert on regional studies of Northeastern China. His research orientations have centered on: a) demographic studies; b) employment studies; c) resource studies; and d) environmental studies in China. All of the research themes are together in his interest in regional studies of Northeast Asia.

Dr. Jian Zhang, Graduated from Jilin university, Doctor of economics. Lecturer of Changchun College of Engineering. Expert on World Economy and Energy Economy. Mainly focuses on :1) analyzing the impact of a country's economic policies on the world economy; B) analyze the energy strategies and policies of China, Japan, Russia and other countries; C) study regional energy cooperation.

Mr. Zou Bowen, is Research Student of Northeast, Asia Studies College at Jilin University.

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