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Eternal China: 99 Essential Poems on Chinese Culture Bilingual Edition

Author: Cheng Jiahui

Translated by Cheng Jiahui, Cheng Sheng

ISBN: 978-1-84464-593-0

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-594-7

Hardback-162 Pages

July 2020


£75 €90 $120


This poetry collection (99 poems in total) takes Chinese culture as the theme. The poems cover cultures both national and personal, and highlight Chinese traditional culture and history, and the personal culture, experience, thinking and emotion of the author as a Chinese. The culture of a nation has both commonness and individuality. Individual culture is embodied in national culture, and national culture in personal culture. Most of the poems are in modern style, and some are in ancient style or with new rhymes. For many years, as an English professor, poet and poetry translator, the author has studied the poetry and poetry translation of Liang Zongdai(Liang Tsong Taï/梁宗岱), a famous Chinese poet and translator in the last century and also a fellow townsman of the author who is more or less influenced by his poetry and poetry translation. Many of the author’s poems and poetry translations have been published in many poetry journals and poetry websites at home and abroad: Yiyuan Electronic Journal, China Writers’ Net, Chinese Poetry Net, Chinese Poetry Website, Poetry of China, Dusk Snow Poetry Journal, Yangtze River Poetry, the American Better than Starbucks Poetry Magazine and Poetry Hall, etc. 100 Selected English Translations of Chinese Classical Ancient Poems has been published by American Academic Press. They have received the attention and reports of the mainstream medias in China. According to the nature and characteristics of poetry, based on the “Three Beauties (beauty in sense; beauty in sound and beauty in form) ” in poetry translation advocated by Mr. Xu Yanchong (许渊冲), one of the most distinguished Chinese poetry translators, the poetry creation and translation in this collection have taken one more beauty into consideration, namely, “beauty in emotion” by means of interpreting emotional beauty of poetry with simplicity and true feelings. Most of the poems in this poetry collection have also been published on Poetry China, China Poetry Net, China Writers’ Net, the Platform of Buddhist Culture and New York My Poetry, etc. The publication of this poetry collection aims to introduce Chinese culture overseas in a new way, and, meanwhile, provide reference for overseas readers to understand different Chinese poetry styles, poetry emotions, poetry thinking and art of creation. In addition, readers can also experience the similarities and differences, fun and charm of Chinese and English cultures from the aspect of the translation from Chinese to English. 99 poems written by the author have been selected in this poetry collection, “99” means “forever” in Chinese homophony and has a profound meaning in Chinese culture.



1、中国书法Chinese Calligraphy 2、中国画 Chinese Painting 3、中国象棋 Chinese Chess 4、风水先生Geomancer 5、兵马俑Terracotta Warriors 6、中医Traditional Chinese Medicine 7、高山流水High Mountains with Water Flowing 8、三杯酒Three Cups of Wine 9、针灸Acupuncture 10、甲骨文Oracle-bone Inscriptions 11、玫瑰花酒 Rose Wine 12、西安的清晨Early morning in Xi’an 13、中国陶艺 Chinese Ceramics 14、游苏州拙政园 In Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden 15、中国菜Chinese Cuisines 16、气功Qigong 17、中国节Chinese Festivals 18、煮年粽Cooking Zongzi for Spring Festival 19、长城The Great Wall 20、中国龙Chinese Dragons 21、逛集市Strolling in the Fair 22、云散云聚 Clouds Scatter and Gather 23、那时的爱情Love in Those Days 24、慢跑Jogging 25、别离Parting 26、钓夫Fishing man 27、老友Old Friends 28、富士山Mount Fuji 29、民族风 1) Stopover in Guiyang 2) Zhuang Folk Songs 30、黄昏下的老妪An Old Lady at Dusk 31、夏游意大利Summer Tour in Italy 44 32、春的脚步Spring Footsteps 33、约你在黄昏 1) Date in Dusk 2) Date in Dusk 34、清明 1) Qingming 2) Night of Qingming Festival 35、恬静Tranquility 36、走了Gone 37、但 But 38、随变Let It Be 39、时间Time 40、思绪Thoughts 41、毕业Graduating 42、白发White Hair 43、路边的小黄花The Little Yellow Flowers by the Path 44、醒来Waking up 45、夜空之恋 Love in the Night Sky 46、过生日Celebrating My Birthday 47、小路上的邂逅Encounter on the Road 48、记忆Memory 49、老教授Old Professor 50、游苏州曲园A Tour in Suzhou Quyuan Garden 51、万物All Things of Creation 52、住院Hospitalized 53、受伤的猫 An Injured Cat 54、城府Subtle Deep Mind 55、今生缘 1) The Old Banyan 2) I Really Don't Know 56、教师节Teachers’ Day 57、老同学 1) Old Classmates’ Gathering 2) Old Classmates’ Encounter 58、晚曲Evening Melody 59、江边小竹排The Little Bamboo Raft by the River 60、酷日Scorching Sun 61、祈福Praying for Blessings 62、是不是你Is That you? 63、七夕Double Seventh Festival 64、踯躅Wandering 65、鹅江Goose River 66、深秋Late Autumn 67、脚步Steps 68、大一新生 Freshmen 69、晨光之下In Dawn Light 70、醉汉A Drunk 71、洗碗Washing Dishes 72、远行A Far Journey 73、诗魂Poetic Soul 74、女儿的第一根白发The First White Hair of My Daughter 75、雄风塔The Wind Tower 76、想看看海子I want to see Haizi 77、梨花颂Ode to Pear Blossoms 78、中国名茶 Chinese Famous Teas 79、茶思Drinking Tea 80、中华武术(新韵)Chinese Martial Arts (new rhymes) 81、读马致远《秋思》有感On Reading Ma Zhiyuan’s Autumn Thoughts 82、夏漂兴义马岭河(新韵) Floating Xingyi Malinghe River in Summer (new rhymes) 83、乡亲(新韵)My Old Pal (new rhymes) 84、鹅江之鹅(新韵)The Goose of the Goose River (new rhymes) 85、相思树(新韵)Acacia (new rhymes) 86、致女儿(新韵)To My Daughter (new rhymes) 87、梦祖母(新韵)Dreaming of Grandma (new rhymes) 88、致恩师(新韵)To My Teacher (new rhymes) 89、旧日同窗 (新韵) To My Old Classmates (new rhymes) 91、致己 (新韵) 1)To Myself (new rhymes) 2)To Myself 92、无题Untitled 93、落叶(新韵)Fallen Leaf (new rhymes) 94、岁末End of the Year 95、梦园Dream Garden 96、重听邓丽君Listening to Teresa Teng Again 97、雨后After a Rain 98、老兵不死(新韵)Old Soldier Never Dies (new rhymes) 99、宗岱和我 Zongdai and I


About Author:

Cheng Jiahui (1962 -), a native of Baise, Guangxi, China,a poet,poetry translator,and professor of English of Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities,presides over the study of the Project of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education of China, The Study of English Translation of Liang Zongdai's Poems, some of which have been published periodically in the American Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine. His translation, 100 Selected English Translations of Chinese Classical Ancient Poems, has been published by American Academic Press. In addition, many of his poems and poetry translation can also be found in Poetry China, Chinese Poetry Network, Chinese Writers' Network, Chinese Cultural Translation Research Network, Yiyuan Electronic Journal, American Poetry Hall,Dusk Snow Poetry Journal, Yangtze River Poetry, Shandong Poetry, City Headlines, the Platform of Buddhist Culture(月印无心佛教文化平台) and the New York My Poetry(纽约My诗刊), etc. Besides, four of his books, Learning International Phonetic in Chinese (Guangdong Audio and Video Publishing House), Memorizing English in Chinese (China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Publishing House), English Humours for English Basic Words (Oriental Publishing House), The Dictionary of Best Quotes for English Basic Words (National Defense Industry Press), etc., have also been published. He is now head of the Liang Zongdai Research Center, an expert in the Guangxi Development Strategy Research Association.

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