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American Misunderstandings about China

Authors: Wang Linggui et al.

ISBN: 978-1-84464-575-6

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-576-3

Hardback-232 Pages

January 2020


£80 €100 $130



The book clarifies American misunderstandings and mistaken perceptions about China from various perspectives, including intellectual property, economic trade, the military, etc. The “post-truth about China” fabricated by some American scholars and media has harmed and is still harming China-US relations, and has had, and is still having, a gravely negative impact on the world situation. Therefore, to clear up confusion, eliminate the bad influence of “post-truth”, solemnly introduce “truth” to people who cherish the China-US friendship, and let the “truth” again become the golden standard for the smooth and healthy development of China-US relations, it should be the natural responsibilities and academic pursuit for real academics from China and abroad. And this is also the cause and consideration for the development of this book.

The changes we are encountering in the world are unseen in a century. Changes create opportunities, but more often than not, they are accompanied by risks and challenges. A fair and reasonable dialogue between China and America and also the whole world is urgently needed, considering the increasingly absurd misunderstandings about China. Also, there are few books now that confront directly the mistaken perceptions about China and explain them to the worldwide researchers and readers. This book aims to help disperse the “post-truth” clouds in US’ China policy, and jointly make due contributions, as think tanks and scholars, to the smooth and healthy development of China-US relations.



Preface An endeavor to clarify American misunderstandings about China

Chapter I The United States’ Mistaken Perceptions of China

Chapter II Label of Mercantilism— Hardly Understandable

Chapter III Utterly Unjustifiable Claim of “China’s Military Expansion Theory”

Chapter IV Discord-sowing “Debt Trap Theory”

Chapter V Neo-hegemonism That Deliberately Plants Thorns

Chapter VI Not Even Half an “Old China Hand”



About Author:

Wang Linggui, Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow of National institute of international strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Science since 2014, Executive Vice Chairman of Board of Directors & Secretary General of National Institute for Global Strategy (NIGS), CASS since the end of 2015. His major study covers China's global strategy, counterterrorism issue, Middle East issue, etc. During the period of his position, he published about 500 pieces of papers, books and reports. Some of his works were awarded by CASS and some governmental institutions. He also acts as the chief of some important governmental study projects and owns academic positions of national institutions in China. In the field of anti-corruption study, he has finished a lot of reports and published the monograph titled as Research on the Anti-Dividend Problem of Corruption in Jan. 2017. He also chaired a project of anti-corruption study on the countries along with the B&R requested by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC.

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