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China's Fight Against the COVID-19 Epidemic

China's Fight Against the COVID-19 Epidemic: Its International Contribution and Significance in the Eyes of the World

Editor-in-Chief: Jiang Hui

Associate editors: Xin Xiangyang, Gong Yun

Edited by Li Ruiqin, Yu Haiqing, etc.

ISBN: 978-1-84464-676-0

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-677-7

Hardback - 358 pages

September 2021


£75 €90 $120



This book is a collection of interviews conducted by research organizations under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (that is, the Research Center of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, World Socialism Research Center, and Research Department of overseas Marxism at the Academy of Marxism) with more than twenty former high-ranking political figures, leaders of communist parties and scholars from approaching twenty countries, including Germany, the US, and Hungary.

According to these interviewees, countries adopted different measures against the COVID-19 epidemic, reflecting essential differences in the attitudes of different social systems toward people’s right to life and right to subsistence, and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of these social systems. The key to China’s success in fighting the epidemic lies in the strengths of the socialist system and the Communist Party of China in pooling the resources of the whole country. The current world situation proves once again the relevance and urgency of developing a global community with a shared future, as advocated by President Xi Jinping. Post-epidemic, crisis in and the decline of capitalism are as inevitable as a bright prospect for socialism.



Foreword 1

Tell the Stories of China’s Fight Against the Epidemic and Strengthen Our Belief in the Four-sphere Confidence

Feature Article

The World Landscape and the China-US Relations in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Exclusive Interviews

The World Is Focusing on China

A Pandemic Revealing Problems with the System

Coronavirus and Capitalism

The COVID-19 Pandemic Marks A Turning Point in the World History

Realism and Clear-headed Thinking – A Must in the Coronavirus Crisis

Different Systemic Approaches to the Pandemic in the World – The Question of Life and Death

The Success of the Socialist System in the Face of the Emergency Caused by the Spread of COVID-19

The Crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic Reveals the Fundamental Weaknesses of the Capitalist System

Strategy on COVID-19 Pandemic

It Is Utterly Unreasonable for the West to Blame China for COVID-19

Once upon a Time in Hollywood – Objections to Slavoj Žižek

The Fight Against COVID-19 – An Interview with Victor Wallis

The Community with Shared Future for Mankind as a Way Out of the Global Emergency Caused by the COVID-19

Four Reasons for China to Secure Victory Against COVID-19 Epidemic

The Social and Economic Challenges That COVID-19 Presents to Humankind

Prevention and Control of the Epidemic Highlights the Advantages and Disadvantages of Governing Capabilities of Socialism and Capitalism

COVID-19 Epidemic: The Decline of the US and China’s Significance to the World

A World Changed by Novel Coronavirus

We Must Re-invent Europe

COVID-19 and Governance Issues

Romania in a Tangled Warfare in 1989 and the Global “Health War” in 2020

Interview Outline of Fighting Against COVID-19

Global Challenge Solved Locally: COVID-19

Compiled Articles

Pandemic of Capitalism and the Treatment Plan

COVID-19: The Complete Failure of a System

COVID-19: Catalyst for World Crisis and China’s New Role

Research Group on “China and World Power Landscape”, Latin American Council of Social Science




Jiang Hui has long engaged himself in studies of Marxist theory, scientific socialism, international communist movements, as well as contemporary Marxism and socialism. Hitherto, he has published numerous manuscripts including: Transformations of Communist Parties in Developed European Countries , Contemporary Studies on Western Working Classes, Latest Developments in Contemporary World Socialism , Some Socialist Thoughts in the Western World, etc. He is the co-translator of One Hundred Years of Socialism: The West European Left in the Twentieth Century. He has also published over 200 research articles. Some of them are: ‘Opportunities and Challenges Faced by World Socialism,’ “World Socialism in the 21st Century: New Structure, New Features, and New Trends”, “On the Class Issue of Contemporary Capitalism,” etc. Jiang is widely influential in the field of international communist, socialist and Marxist studies, and has made significant contributions to the interpretation of Marxism in contemporary China and in the 21st century.

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