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Chinese Gold: From Following to Surpassing

Title: Chinese Gold: From Following to Surpassing

Author: Liu Shan’en

ISBN: 978-1-84464-686-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-687-6

Hardback - 306 pages

November 2021


£95 €118 $152



This book tells the story of Chinese gold market from scratch, unravels the traditional Chinese gold market from an international perspective, and gives examples of the top-level design of Chinese gold market. This book aims to tell the Chinese gold story to Chinese gold practitioners, policy makers and industry managers.

In the last decade, the gold market in China has developed at an astonishing speed, and has completed the transformation of role from follower to surpassing. To some extent, China will be ready to play a more leading role in the global gold market. This book is of positive significance for gold industry.

This book summarized the development of China's gold industry and analyzed the top-level design of China's gold industry.



Preface 1

Preface 2


Gold Control Arising from Resource Shortage

Surging Undercurrent under Firm Ice

3 Breakthrough of Gold Market from Scratch

4 Top-level Design of Chinese Gold Market

5 A Latecomer’s Pursuit and Surpassing

6 An Encounter on the Road to Internationalization

7 A Diversified Market System

8 Innovative Gold Consumption Demands

9 A Gold Investment Market Derived from Development

10 A Gold Market with Diversified Means of Transaction

11 A Gold Market under Progressive Internationalization

12 Prospect: Thoughts on Future Development

13 Gold Market: The Third Segmentation





Liu Shan’en, a senior economist, is now secretary-general of the expert committee of the Beijing Gold Economic Development Research Centre. He served as the director of the Economic Research Office and deputy director of the Economic Development Research Centre of the National Gold Bureau, and also deputy editor-in-chief of China Gold Economy. He is one of the experts who track, observe, study and summarize the whole process of gold market reform in China.

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