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Chinese Historiography of the Last Forty Years (1978-2018) II

Title: Chinese Historiography of the Last Forty Years (1978-2018) II

Edited by Zhang Haipeng

Translated by Wang Yi, et al.

ISBN: 978-1-84464-779-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-780-4

Hardback - 474 pages

August 2023


£75 €90 $120



Chinese Historiography of the Last Forty Years (1978-2018) is an edited volume, in which the Chinese historians review the research achievements of the study of history in China in the past 40 years since the reform and opening up in 1978, and create an overview of the academic prospects and trends. In its entirety, this volume encompasses Chinese archaeology, ancient Chinese history, and modern Chinese history, as well as some thematic studies, such as local history, ethnic history, frontier history, historical geography, economic history, social history, ideological and cultural history, historiography, historical theory, urban history, religious history, world history and the history of World War II. The authors of the volume are leading scholars in each branch of history studies. It provides the readers with an accessible and valuable reference in studying history, particularly the history of China and East Asia.

This book gives a comprehensive review on the study of history. It covers a general description of the study of history as well as other philosophical and social sciences in China which have benefited from rapid progress in every cause under the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the development of the national economy.

It is an Innovation in the Study of World History. In accordance with principles of historical materialism and seeking truth from facts, researchers engaging in world history studies should take on the responsibilities of grasping the significant events that impacted world history and comprehending the comprehensive development of world history from the relations between these events and the world. China’s peaceful rise and its growing, widening connections with the world require to focus on world history in historical studies to construct a more inclusive discipline of world history.



Part II

Chapter 13 Research on the Urban History of China / 377

A Review of the State of Research

Studies on the origins, characteristics, and classification of Chinese cities.

Studies of cities from Qin-Han to Song-Yuan

Studies of Ming-Qing cities and Jiangnan market towns

Stand-alone cities, cities of a certain type, and regional cities

“Impact-Response Model” and studies of treaty ports

Comparative Studies, General Studies and International Academic Interaction

Studies of Urban Mentality and the History of Urban Social Life

Studies of Chinese Urban History in the New Era

Chapter 14 Overview of Research on Chinese Religious History since Reform and Opening Up

Research Overview

Research on Buddhism

Research on Daoism

Research on Islam

Research on Christianity

Research on the History of Folk Religion and Other Religions


Chapter 15 Forty years of Environmental and Medical History in China


The period of geographical environmental history

The Period of Ecological-Environmental History

The Convergence of East and West: A New Stage in Environmental History

Medical History in the Context of Environmental History


Chapter 16 Research on the History of Natural Disasters in China in the Past Forty Years





Chapter 17 An Introduction to the Fiscal History of

Modern China in the Past Forty Years

Comprehensive Studies on Fiscal History of Modern China

Thematic Studies on Modern China’s Fiscal History

Publications of Collections of Modern China’s Fiscal and Tax Materials

Chapter 18 A Review of Modern Chinese Financial

History in the Past Forty Years

Scholarship on the History of Modern Currencies

Scholarship on Modern Finance and Financial Institutions

Chapter 19 Research on the History of Modern China’s

Foreign Relations since the Start of Reform and Opening Up

General Studies of Modern China’s Relations with Foreign Countries

Sino-Foreign Relations in the Late Qing Period

Sino-Foreign Relations in the Beiyang Government Era

Sino-foreign relations during the era of the Nanjing Guomindang government


Chapter 20 A Review of the Study of Social History of Modern China since 1986

Rise and Early Development

Period of Continuation and In-depth Development

Chapter 21 Research on the Intellectual and Cultural

History of Modern China in the Past Forty Years

New Developments in the History of Political Thought and Case Studies of Thinkers

The Popularity of Research on Intellectual History

The Maturity of Research on the History of Academic Thought

New Atmosphere of Conducting Research on Conceptual History

The Growth of Research on Modern Cultural History in the “Cultural Fever”

The Rise of Research on Sociocultural History

Unresolved Questions and Theoretical Reflections

Chapter 22 Studies on the Materialist Concept of History in the Past Two Decades

Chapter 23 A Review on Theoretical Debates in the Study of Modern Chinese History in Past Four Decades

Debates on Basic Threads and Paradigms

The Materialist Conception of History and the Question of Social Formation

Reassessment and Criticism of “China-centered” History

The Effects of Postmodern Thought on Historical Research

The “Fragmentation” of Research on Modern Chinese History

Borrowing and Integration of Western Theories

Chapter 24 Building a Truthful and Good History: A Brief Introduction to the Qing History Compilation Project


The general planning of the compilation and revision of the history of the Qing dynasty and the basic content of the new revision

Brief introduction to the compilation process

The New History of the Qing Dynasty is Expected to be Academically Innovative




About the Authors:

Zhang Haipeng is a Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is the past president of the Institute of Modern History at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the president of the Association of Chinese Historians, and a member of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of China, in which he took charge of the Discipline (History) Appraisal Group.


Chinese Historiography of the Last Forty Years (1978-2018) I

Chinese Historiography of the Last Forty Years (1978-2018) II

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