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The Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 1931-1945 Part II

Title: The Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 1931-1945: A World History Perspective Part II

Authors: HU Dekun et al.

Translators: FENG Jieyun, Sim LEONG,

JIN Guangsa, WANG Hui

ISBN: 978-1-84464-705-7

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-706-4

Hardback - 400 pages

August 2022


£75 €90 $120



This monograph demonstrates the prominent historical position of China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in WW II and argues that China’s War of Resistance made great contributions to the Global Anti-Fascist Warfare. In specific, the book elaborates on the following six aspects. Firstly, China’s War of Resistance Against Japan represents the progressive trend in the world history; Secondly, China’s protracted war of resistance smashed Japan’s quick-battle strategy against China; Thirdly, China’s War of Resistance contained Japan’s world strategies of northward advance, southward advance, westward advance and its diplomatic strategies in general. Fourthly, China’s War of Resistance pushed forward the U.S.-Britain’s strategic shift in East Asia from passivism to pro-activism. Fifthly, China’s War of Resistance provided strong support to the successful operation of U.S.-Britain’s global strategy. Finally, Chinese wartime diplomacy enhanced the establishment and consolidation of the Global Anti-Fascist Alliance.

This book is a timely research output written by distinguished Chinese scholars concerning the historical position of China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in WWII. In general, China’s sacrifices and contributions in WWII is little known to the Western world. Although China is widely acknowledged as the one of the four most important nations in the Global Anti-Fascist Alliance during WWII, historians in U.S., Britain and the former Soviet Union tend to minimize or neglect the prominent historical position that China held in WWII. The limited acknowledgement and the total negligence of China’s important role in WWII were mainly attributable to the Cold War in the Post-WWII era and the ensuing Sino-Soviet Union split.

To restore the historical truth and to fill in the research gap, Chinese scholars are obligated to fully investigate China and the world in the Global Anti-Fascist Warfare and brought into focus China’s historical status in this regard. It is of great significance to introduce the outstanding researches of Chinese historians to the world, let the world’s audience be better informed about China in WWII, hence adding China’s contribution to the world history of WWII.

The proposed English book will be translated from the compressed Chinese book, whose materials are selected out of the nine book volumes. The publication of the English book will greatly enhance the global readers to get better informed and enlightened about the important topic.

This book is authored by distinguished Chinese scholars on WWII history. The leading author of the book is the Chairman for the Chinese Association of WWII History. By adopting an insider-perspective and providing ample historical materials which are rarely observable in the Western works, the book demonstrates its unique values.

In addition, the book is the first ever in the field highlighting the intertwining relationship between China and the world, elaborating on China’s historical position in the Global Anti-Fascist Warfare.



Volume 2

Preface 1

Preface 2


Chapter 4 The Chinese War of Resistance and the Global Strategy of the United States and Britain

Section 1. The Chinese War of Resistance and Formulation of the US-UK Global Strategy

Section 2. Role of the Chinese War of Resistance in the Implementation of the Global Strategy of the United States and Britain

Chapter 5 China’s Wartime Diplomacy and the Global Anti-fascist War

Section 1. China’s Diplomacy and Efforts to Contain Japan’s Invasion of China before All-Out War of Resistance

Section 2. China’s Advocacy for the Global Anti-Japanese Alliance after Outbreak of the All-Out War of Resistance

Section 3. China’s Diplomatic Coordination with the Global Anti-Fascist Alliance





About the Authors:

Prof. Dekun HU, born in March, 1946, graduated from the History Department of Wuhan University, People’s Republic of China. Currently he is Director for the Research Institute of World History Studies, professor in the School of History and Ph.D. supervisor as well. In addition, he is also the Chairman for the Chinese Association of WWII History. He has published over forty journal articles and several monographs including History of World War II (co-author), History of Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945), World War II and Global Social Progress in the Post-War Era (editor-in-chief).

About the Translator:

Prof. Jieyun FENG was born in Jiangsu Province of People’s Republic of China in 1973. She obtained a Ph.D. Degree from the Dept of Chinese & Bilingual Studies, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Currently she is professor in the Dept of Business English, Director of the Research Center in Business Communication, University of International Business & Economics, Beijing, P. R. C.

She has been actively involved in doing research about sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and intercultural communication. She is the primary investigator of five national and ministerial research projects. Among all the other things, she led a national social science project of A Comparative Study of Crisis Discourses in the Western and Chinese Media (2009-2012). She has published about forty academic journal articles in English and Chinese languages, and published two monographs, which are entitled Advertising Discourses and Social Changes in China (2014)and Cultural Capital and City Image of Beijing in the Post-Olympic Era (2012).


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The Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 1931-1945 Part II

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