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Echoes of the Times in Philosophy Collected Works of Zhao Jianying

Title: Echoes of the Times in Philosophy Collected Works of Zhao Jianying

Author: Zhao Jianying

Translated by Chen Fengjiao

ISBN: 978-1-84464-783-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-784-2

Hardback - 530 pages

September 2023


£85 €105 $135



From the standpoint of Marxist philosophy, this book addresses the major issues that have arisen as a result of the changing of the times and the transformation of China’s society. It discusses the scope and contemporary form of practice, the contemporary construction of Marxist philosophical form, modernity and cultural identity, and the new development of the theory of Chinese socialism since the turn of the century, on which the author has presented his own unique views. The essays it collects are distinguished by cutting-edge topics and broad vision, to some extent reflecting the evolution of the spirit of the times.





Issues of Practice

A Historical Examination of Conceptual Connotations and Forms of Practice

On Contemporary Development of Forms of Human Practice

Changes in Forms of Intercourse and New Characteristics of Contemporary Society

On the Role of Quantitative Thinking in Scientific Cognition

Thinking Modes of Practical Subject and the Execution of Practical Activity

On Logic of Practice

China’s Construction of Socialism from the Perspective of Purposive Operation Mode

Contradictions Between Norm and Innovation in Practice and Their Solutions

On Operating Mechanism of Practical Activity

Restrictive Effect of Practice Object: Standardized Operation Mechanism of Practical Activity

Ethical Requirements for Transformation of Contemporary Social Form

Contemporary Development of Marxist Philosophy

From Value Criticism to Scientific Criticism: Establishment of Marx’s Method of Value Criticism and Historical Materialism

Historical Science on Proletariat and Human Emancipation: On Unity of Scientificity and Value of Marxist Philosophy

Historical Meditation on Theoretical Basis of Historical Materialism

On the Principle of Marxist Subjectivity and Its Practical Significance

II Echoes of the Times in Philosophy Collected Works of Zhao Jianying

Social Transformation and Trend of Chinese Philosophy in the 21st Century

Radically Changing World and Mission of Contemporary Marxist Philosophy

On Construction of Forms of Marxist Philosophy in China Today

On Connotations of Adapting of Marxist Philosophy to the Chinese Context

Main Trends and Issues of Current Studies of Marxist Philosophy in China

Cultural Issues and Theory of Chinese Socialist Culture Status and Value of Humanities

Exploring a New World of Value in Conflicts and Changes: Mentality and Orientation of the Youth in Contemporary China

Modernity and Chinese People’s Cultural Identity Crisis and Reconstruction in Modern Times

The Crisis of Cultural Identity and the Urgency of Constructing Basic Social Values

From New-democratic Culture to Socialist Culture with Chinese Characteristics: How the CPC Inherits and Innovates Chinese Culture

An Outlook on Development of Chinese Socialist Culture

Supportive Role of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Construction of Cultural Fronts

Basic Connotations of the Theory of Chinese Socialist Culture

Giving Full Play to the Role of Chinese Socialist Culture: Study Important Remarks by Xi Jinping About Cultural Issues

The Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

From Decline to Rejuvenation: China’s Century-long Pursuit and Prospect of Modernization

Theoretical Attribute, Philosophical Basis and Cultural Essence of the Important Thought of the Three Represents

On Characteristics of a Progressive Theory: Unity of Zeitgeist, Regularity and Affinity to the People

Unity of Development of Productive Forces and Free, Well-rounded Development of People: Reflections on Philosophical Connotations of Scientific Outlook on Development

Only Through Reform and Opening Up Can We Develop China, Socialism and

Marxism: Studying the Report to the 17th National Congress of the CPC

Unswervingly Take the Path of Chinese Socialism: Study the Report to the 18th CPC National Congress

On Necessity and Innovation of the Path of Chinese Socialism

Chinese Socialism as a New Social Form: its Value and Significance

A Comprehensive and Incisive Interpretation of Marxism: Study Important Remarks by General Secretary Xi Jinping on Marxism



About the Authors:

Zhao Jianying is professor, doctoral supervisor, postdoctoral cooperative supervisor of School of Philosophy at University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and special-term professor of Research Institute on Marxism in the 21st Century at Nankai University and at University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His books include The Philosophical Echo of the Times (2017), The Power of Philosophy (1997), Reviving China, etc. He has published nearly 100 papers in Chinese Social Sciences, Philosophical Studies, Marxist Studies, People’s Daily and other newspapers and periodicals.


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