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Fake Fear: America and China Relations

Author: Xin Jiyan

ISBN: 978-1-84464-573-2

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-574-9

Hardback-200 Pages

January 2020


£80 €100 $130



The book is divided into ten chapters. The first chapter describes the similarities between the dreams of the Chinese and American people. The second chapter analyses the misinterpretation of ancient Chinese thought by American scholars. Chapter three analyses the historical truth of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. Chapter IV describes the course of New China's pursuit of democracy and the prejudices of the West. The fifth chapter elaborates the integration of Chinese and American cultures. Chapter 6 reveals the false news and the cognitive gap. Chapter 7 discusses how China and the United States avoid military conflicts and achieve peaceful coexistence. Chapter 8 puts forward that Sino-US economic cooperation should jump out the old idea of the win-lose situation. Chapter 9 reveals the coloured glasses through which America looks at China. Chapter 10 elaborates on global challenges and reveals that the community of human destiny is the basis for win-win cooperation between the two sides.



Chapter One Chinese Dream & American Dream I. Popular Narrative: The Ignored Rising Influence II. Some Historic Moments Covered in Dust Ill. Two-Way Knowledge Deficit IV. Family & Country: An Unexceptional Chinese Dream V. Shared Dream: A Delicate Dance Chapter Two Spring and Autumn, Warring States and Chicken Soup for the Soul I. Creating Something from Knowing Nothing II. Borrowlism and Chicken Soup for the Soul III. History is not a Carnival Mirror IV. External Moves and Internal Works V. States Without War Chapter Three Nixon and Kissinger I. Secret Letter II. Multiple Channels III. Dancing Together IV. Following Trends V. Harmony and Cooperation VI. Changing World Chapter Four Self Changing and the Myth to Change China I. Exploring the Chinese Path to Democracy II. The Complex Myth to Change China III. Misconception on Nationalism Chapter Five "Empress of China" and Statue of Liberty I. Replicating the Empress of China II. The Statue of Liberty III. Changing Perceptions IV. Fading Halo Chapter Six Fake News and Real Gaps I. The Easy Scapegoat II. The Innocent Christmas Tree III. Still Softer than Soft IV. An Imagined Chinese Dish V. Arabella's Gift Chapter Seven Aircraft Carriers and the Great Wall I. To Build a Wall to Prevent a War: a Story on Peace for 2,000 Years II. 90,000 Tons of Diplomacy: the Real Threat Ill. Coexisting: Wall and Carriers Chapter Eight Beyond Winners and Losers I. Tire that Lies II. Looking Beyond the Business Cycle III. Not A Game Only Between Two Players IV. Internal Issues Matter More V. Widening Wealth Gap Chapter Nine False Alarms and Tinted Glasses I. A Space Station Open to the World II. Suspecting the Neighbor of Stealing an Axe III. Who Is Behind the Diaoyu Islands Dispute? IV. Only Dialogue Can Solve Problems V. Great Countries Perish Through Belligerence VI. Sowing Discord Endangers Stability VIL Inevitable Disillusionment Chapter Ten Chimerica and Community I. Everything is Nothing II. Teammate is Needed III. Humanity for a Shared Future


About Author:

Xin Jiyan, Doctor, Senior Reporter of Xinhua News Agency, graduated from Fudan University and Peking University. She has been engaged in international financial reporting and research for a long time. She was an economic reporter of Xinhua News Agency in Washington and participated in co-authoring and translating many influential books.

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