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Pencil Tree

Title: Pencil Tree

Author: Zhang Huaicun

Translator: Wang Dan

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-84464-700-2

£17.95 €19.95 $27.95

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-84464-701-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-702-6

£14.95 €16.95 $18.95

Hardback - 144 pages

31st March 2022


Colour with illustration

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Pencil Tree is a selection of poems for Children written by Huaicun Zhang. In these poems, she uses beautiful words and advanced imagination to bring children into her world and mind. Various writing styles and wide topics captivate the mind flying along with these beautiful words.

There are paintings/illustrations included in the book by the author herself. The book was written because there isn’t many poetry selections for children previously published.



As joyful as the children

Clusters of Flowers

The Pencil Tree

I am on the moon


Liquor in the Spring

In the eyes of a child

Happiness is flourishing

Fairy Tales in Spring

Songs in Summer

The koala bear in the pencil tree

The spring on the way

A golden dawn

The autumn

A little mouse

The spring


Listen, it is the footsteps of the spring

The music of Greece

The autumn

The children

The pleasure

The memory

The dream

The song hiding in the garden

Chasing up the sunlight

The spring never stops

The secret of the pencil tree

The dandelions

The morning glory

Love from Mum

The grass


My schoolbag

The amazing autumn

I only need a small piece of land

The host in the fairy tales

Sunlight, a kind of language

Here departs the poetry

At far end of the sky

The joys

The eyes

A stone at the comer of the street

The place where fairy tales inhabit

Is it raining ?

A garden full of footsteps

Every single colour should be flourishing

A night at Madrid


The Prado Museum

Plaza de Espana

Poems for children

The grass

Strength obtaining from the North-west

A tree flourishing with sunlight

Autumn in the south

The friendship

Dating with the sun


Yearnings of the seasons

Grandma's advices

A poem written by my daughter

Children in the village

My desire

The friendship

Holding my tongue

A song in my heart


The drizzle in spring

A green dream

The teacher

Spring is coming out of my poetry

A dream in the morning

The dream

Secrets in Star Heart, one of the twenty-eight

lunar mansions in Chinese culture

Slowly growing up

The white memory

Answer to my friend

The girl who can write and draw

The breeze

An oasis in the heart

The summer

I love this place

Spending my whole life

in taking care of you


Summer comes over after Granny


About the Author:

Huaicun Zhang is Tu Ethnic Minority, British Chinese. She is a member of the Chinese Writers’ Association and the Royal Society of British Artists. She has held art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Tokyo, New York City, Paris and London.

Publications include: Pencil Tree, One Snowflake, The Oasis in My Heart, The Red House, On the Train of Autumn, Space of Freedom, Huaicun and Her Friends, Listening to the Flower Bloom, Huaicun’s Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.

Huaicun has translated My Name is Bob, BBC Nation’s Favourite Poetry about Childhood, The Red Tiles, The Sky is The Limit and other English illustrated books and poetry selections. Her most recent books include: On the Train of Autumn and The Habitat for Fairy Tales.

About the Translator:

Ms. Wang Dan, British Chinese, a Legal officer and translator, has been awarded a Master of Biochemical Engineering by University of Birmingham, and a Master of Laws by the University of Law in the United Kingdom. Ms. Wang enjoys reading books in History and Culture. She is also fond of exploring the culture and history of different countries. Her translation works include The Pencil Tree, The Habitat for Fairy Tales, and etc. Ms. Wang is currently living in London.

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