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Understanding China's Foreign Trade

Editors: Song Hong, Dongyan

ISBN: 978-1-84464-532-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-533-6

Hardback-240 Pages

January 2019


£65 €78 $98



In 2016, China’s share in the global export dropped. Besides, the U.S. replaced China to become the world top1 goods trader, such a title had been sustained by China three years since 2013. The main reason behind this was that China’s advantage as the world’s low cost manufacturing base gradually weakened. The era of rapid increase of export share in the world in the past 39 years maybe end, it will be more fluctuation in the future. It’s imperative for China to forge its new international competitiveness. The main content of this book is the report on China's foreign trade. This study analyzed the global trade situation and China's foreign trade situation, and then introduced the development of China's foreign trade from eight aspects: the share of China’s export in the world began to drop, service trade, commodity structure, trade by modes, foreign trade, regional trade, forecast and trend judgment. It first reviewed the general situation and characteristics of China's trade development in 2017 and looked forward to its development trend. Then it analyzed the characteristics of the commodity structure of import and export trade and the development of China's foreign trade according to the mode of trade. Then it makes a comparative analysis and puts forward policy recommendations from the perspective of different countries and regions. Finally, this report summarized the influencing factors of China's import and export trade, and predicted and judged the trend in the future.



Part 1 China trade in Transition

China’s Trade in 2015

Merchandise Trade Development in a Post-Crisis World

1. Trade by Modes: More Rational Structure

2. Trade by Partners: Diversification of Markets

3. Trade by Products: Structural Adjustment and Upgrading

4. Trade by Provinces: Towards Balanced Development

Service Trade Developments in a Post-Crisis World

Future Growth Trends, Impetus and Risks

Part 2 China trade’s trends and forecast

The Share of China’s Export in the World Began to Drop

1.China’s Export Share in the World Began to Drop

2.A Temporal or a Trend

3.Why China’s Export Growth Rate Lower than that of the Global Average

4.How to Response to this Drop of World Export Share

Service Trade

1.Profiles of Development of China’s Trade in Service in 2016

2.Features of China’s Service Trade Development in 2016

3.Prospect of China’s Service Trade Development in 2017

Commodity Structure

1.Overview of Foreign Trade Based on the Type of Commodities in 2016

2.Structural Characteristics of Commodities of Export Trade

3.Structural Characteristics of Commodities of Import Trade

4.Prospects and Suggestions on Foreign Trade Restructure Policy in 2017

Trade by Modes

1.Review of Annual Data

2.Development of China’s Foreign Trade from the Perspective of Trade by Modes

3.Analysis of Labor Cost in the Transformation of China’s Trade by Modes

Foreign Trade

1.Overview on China’s Foreign Trade Development in 2016

2.Main Characteristics and Causes of Changes in Foreign Trade in 2016

3.Prospects of China’s Foreign Trade

Regional Trade

1.Relations between Regional Economic Level and Trade Development

2.Regional Trade Opening Pattern Further Improved

3.Latest Ranking of Regional Trade Volume

4.New Progress of Free Trade Zones

5.Influence on Foreign Trade Development in Central and Western Regions by Advancing the Belt and Road Initiative

6.Policy Suggestions on Improving Regional Coordinated Development

Forecast and Trend Judgement

1.Factors Affecting Export

2.Factors Affecting Import

3.Factors Affecting both Import and Export

4.Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast


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