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World Openness Report 2022

Title: World Openness Report 2022

By Institute of World Economics and Politics, CASS

  Research Center for Hongqiao International Economic Forum

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-84464-770-5

Paperback ISBN978-1-84464-771-2

Ebook ISBN 978-1-84464-772-9

Hardback - 274 pages

December 2022


Hardback £80 €100 $130

Paperback £50 €35 $42

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This book focuses on the world openness, including the level of openness of 129 economies.

This book discusses the latest World Openness Index that measures the level of 129 economies’ openness. It also presents many currently hot-spot issues, such as the new changes in the world’s openness in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the status-quo and prospects of global manufacturing and financial openness, new areas of digitalization, green development and world openness.

The core part of this book is the World Openness Index. The World Openness Index measures the level of openness of 129 economies. This index is significantly different from other similar indices, it covers a wider range, and the measurement method is deeply improved.

This book also includes research by top Chinese scholars on recent hot issues of world openness, which will help readers to understand the current situation and trend of world openness, China's achievements in opening up and its attitude towards openness in the future.



Preface: Common World Openness ---The Right Path to the Future

Chapter 1 World Openness Index 2020

I. World Openness Index

II. World Openness: Specific Indexes

III. Regional Openness Index

Chapter 2 Warranted Openness: An Analysis Based on Some

I. The problem of warrantedness of openness

II. Typical case analysis of warranted openness

III. Conclusions and policy implications

Chapter 3 U-Shaped Evolution of Openness: Cases of Typical

I. Law of U-shaped Openness Evolution

II. Causes of the U-shaped Evolution Law

III. China’s Opening-up Process and Law of Evolution

Chapter 4 COVID-19 Pandemic. Ukraine Crisis and Megatrend of Global Opening-up

I. Global Openness at a Crossroads

II. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global openness

III. Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on World Openness

Chapter 5 WTO Reform nd Global Economic Governance

I. The multilateral trading system faces profound restructuring

II. Fruitful outcomes of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference

III. Progress in negotiations on WTO-related issues

IV. Priorities for Future Global Economic Governance Reform

Chapter 6 New trends of RCEP、CPTPP and other RTAs

I. World openness being led by regional economic and trade cooperation

II. RCEP promotes economic openness and integration in Asia-Pacific

III. CPTPP promotes a new round of trade liberalization

IV. Regional economic and trade cooperation should be inclusive and open

Chapter 7 Global Manufacturing Landscape and Industy and Supply Chain Resilience

I. The Three Major Manufacturing Hubs

II. The Global Industry and Supply Chains Reshaped

III Challenges and opportunities facing China's manufacturing industry

IV. Supply Chain Resilience in the Process of Globalization

Chapter 8 Status Quo and Prospects of Global Financial Openness

I. The Global Financial Openness Landscape

II. Status Quo of China's Financial Openness

III. Major Events Affecting Global Financial Openness

IV. Prospects for Global Financial Openness

Chapter 9 World Openness in Digital. Green and Other New Fields

I. Booming development of global digital openness

II. Broad prospects of global green openness

III. Trend of global digital and green openness

Chapter 10 High-Level Opening-Up under the New Development Paradigm

I. Historic progress achieved in opening-up over the past decade

II. Opening-up at a high level --- a necessary part of the new development pattern

III. High-level opening-up helps foster a new pattern of development

Chapter 11 Giving Full Play to the Role of CIIE as A Demonstration Window

I. Making full use of the four platforms

II. Creating a “demonstration window” for new development pattern

III. Practicing true multilateralism

IV. Promoting high-quality development of the CIIE

Chapter 12 Chinese Solution and Contribution to Global Openness and Cooperation

I. Contribution of Belt and Road to multilateral development and international cooperation

II. GDI builds global consensus on development

III. Contributing more Chinese wisdom to global openness and cooperation


1. Ranking of World Openness Index Since 2008

2. World Openness Index: 129 economies. selected years since 2008

3. Brief Introduction to World Openness Index

4. Groupings of economies gauged by World Openness Index


About the Authors:

The Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) was founded in 1964. It is an Institute of the CASS and is devoted to the study of international economics and politics. IWEP currently has a staff of about 130 at eleven research divisions, five editorial offices, six research centers and IWEP’s administrative offices. The Institute also manages two national academic societies.

Since its establishment, IWEP has been closely involved in extensive international collaboration and exchange programs with leading international think tanks, universities, international organizations and the relevant departments of foreign governments. IWEP also has a visiting scholar program for certain foreign scholars. IWEP regularly organizes academic seminars and conferences to discuss international issues of the day.

IWEP is engaged in policy-oriented and theoretical research, mainly covering global macroeconomy, international finance, international trade, international investment, international developmental, international politics, foreign policy analysis, international political economy, world political economy of Marxism, global governance, international commodities and national security. IWEP research has a special focus on China's economic practices and policies.

IWEP publishes the following academic journals: World Economics and Politics (monthly), The Journal of World Economy (monthly), International Economic Review (bi-monthly), China & World Economy (bi-monthly, in English), The Yearbook of World Economy (annually). In addition, the IWEP also publishes books and working papers on a broad set of international issues, such as The Yellow Book of World Economy, The Yellow Book of International Politics, Frontier Issues on World Economics, and Frontier Issues on International Relations Theories and Strategies.


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