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China Belt and Road Initiative Journal: Research Analysis and Perspectives

ISSN 2515-9402

EISSN 2515-9410

How Hungary Perceives the Belt and Road Initiative and China-CEEC Cooperation


Chen Xin, Li Danlin, Ma Junchi, Viktor Orbána, György Matolcsya, Sándor Zoltán Kusai, András Inotaia, Ottó Juhászb, Gábor Brauna, Viktor Eszterháia, Antal József Knowledge Centera, Dr. Miklós Losoncza, András Vértesa, 

Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2018


Recently, we are witnessing more and more significant changes in the status quo of the present world order. Massive actions, events and dynamic measures in world politics with all their consequences, are forming the new political and economic landscape in the global range. We are approaching a new era of emerging and strengthening poles in the world that could lead to a truly multipolar world. A world where each nation can claim the right of putting their own interests first, also a world where nations cooperating with other nations according to their own and mutual interests.

In Hungary, we believe that there is no single policy that could be equally successful for every nation, as they are extremely diverse. We believe that the key for the development of world economy is the coexistence of dissimilar models and different approaches to economic policy. For that very reason it is better to welcome the rise of new economic poles and new political centres, rather than see them as a threat. A world with multiple centres have many opportunities to offer.

It is recognizable that the world economy’s centre of gravity is shifting from West to East, from the Atlantic region to the Pacific region with China being in the focus. This transition, that is happening gradually, is complex in nature but the outcome is clear: the 21st century will be the era of Asia.

Content :

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech at the Lámfalussy Conference
Hungary: A Key State on the Silk Road
A New Look at Some Lessons of and Prospects for the16+1 Cooperation
The New Challenges for the EU And the New Amber Road
Chinese-Hungarian Economic Relations with Special Focus on Investment
The Central and Eastern European Countries’ Attitude
Toward the OBOR Initiative: Hopes and Reality
China and the V4 Region
The Comparative Analysis of the Visegrad Countries Concerning Transfers from the EU
EU Funds, Economic Growth and Competitiveness

Other articles in this Issue:

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